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absolutly, dear :-)

hey its romas..wanna make me a friend on ur user list? budddddy..i made u one on mine so..w00t!

*)* romas *(*

yayyyyy, added back <3


i got freaked out 'cuase like i thought i wasnt a friend and hten i realized i just wasnt signed in..bwaha im a dork

why, you are the biggest dork i know, and im proud to say that :-)


I like to move it move it

alright bitch, make me a friend

Re: I like to move it move it

oh oh oh, jenny

Hey baby i love you more then life it self id do anything to just hold u forever in my arms and know that your safe and that your mine

(Deleted comment)
will you add me? thanks :)

*big puppy eyes*

i love you please add me ^___^

Heyy wanna add me as a friend? It's Sara from Bonas :)

Remember me? George's weird ass roomate?

Just generally interested, yah know? Drop a line, mine's friends only too.


you better add me Kerianne! lol i just started using one again

aka the hot pharmacy tech

yay alaina! I miss you!

Ill be home end of next week, we should chill! or i can atleast come bug you at wegs!

hey, I saw you in /~added.
I'm from CT, I read you used to live here! I'm adding you, add me back? :)

added back :-) where in connecticut do you live?? I used to life in Fairfield, Stamford and Norwalk

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hey, hope all is well

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